Who is a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery? with Dr. Jason Rehm

Many women come into RefinedLooks Plastic Surgery to have enhancements done to their breasts. Typically that means enlarging them to the patients desired size, or lifting them to ensure a youthful, tight appearance. 

Some women, however, come in seeking a breast reduction due to their disproportionately large breasts that are problematic. 

What makes large breasts problematic? Glad you asked! 

There are many different things, but one might be a jarring and consistent pain in your neck, back or shoulders. If you think about it, those areas are doing a lot of work to support your breasts, so if you have larger breasts than what your body’s natural physics can hold, it can cause discomfort. 

Another area of discomfort can be a grooving in the shoulders from your heavy breasts pulling on your bra strap. We know there’s nothing more relieving than taking your bra off at the end of the day, but wearing a bra shouldn’t be painful. 

Often times women with enlarged breasts have a difficult time finding clothes and bras that fit them and make them feel confident in themselves and their bodies. You’ll find that in the chest area of your clothes it’s oddly tight and even pulls up on the bottom of your shirt possibly exposing your stomach unintentionally. Sometimes even exercise can hurt! Forget about running on the treadmill. 

“Often times women have skin issues underneath the skin of the breast that gets problematic like skin rashes, particularly in the summer time, that they have difficulty dealing with,” says Dr. Rehm. 

When our bodies get overheated, the areas that have tighter fitted clothing can become victim of chaffing and specifically in the breast area, the overlapping of the enlarged breasts resting on the stomach can cause a lot of rubbing and discomfort. 

In addition to all of the discomfort that can come with naturally large breasts, sometimes they can be a social distraction. 

If any of this sounds like problems you deal with on a daily basis, then we encourage you to book a consultation with one of our surgeons to talk about your options for a breast reduction procedure. 

You’ll meet with your surgeon of choice and go over what options will help you achieve a more comfortable and aesthically pleasing appearance. We don’t only want you to feel confident in the way your body looks, but we want you to be comfortable and have the quality of life you ultimately desire. 

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