Here at RefinedLooks, we have always believed that our patients deserve only excellence. But excellence throughout their lifetime, not just for a few hours in our operating room.

The RefinedLooks Membership is a way for patients to remain engaged long after their surgery, in preparation for their surgery, or simply as a step in the direction of healthy living.

When you join the RefinedLooks Membership, you gain exclusive access to our local partners like fitness centers and nutrition coaches, as well as prepared meals for your convenience – all significantly discounted just for you! As a member, you will also become established as a client of our medical spa, where you will receive discounts on injectables, laser treatments, skin care products, and IV vitamin infusions. PLUS you will receive two free Diamond Glow Facials yearly!

Looking to live a healthier lifestyle but don’t know where to begin? Upgrading to our Wellness Program is a great way to get started! In addition to our Membership discounts at our Med Spa and local ‘healthy living’ partners, the Wellness Program also provides one-on-one consultations, guidance, and education from our Nurse Practitioner, Brittney Murphy. 

The Wellness Program begins with an appointment with Brittney. During the initial visit, your past medical history will be reviewed in detail and your future goals will be established. These goals could be anything from wanting to lose weight, fitting into a certain pant size, sleeping better, having more energy, improving your mood, and/or getting off some, or all, of your medications. From there, a plan of action will be created, including lab work for the most thorough picture of your current health.

From there, you and Brittney will travel to Nutrition World, another one of our Wellness Program Partners, where the two of you will meet with their highly trained holistic health coaches. You will see Brittney and the Health Coaches each twice a month. This means you will be working very closely with a Health Professional every week to make sure you’re working towards your goals.


You will also be expected to select an exercise routine from our brochure, which includes details of each of the local gyms that are available to you. 
Our goal is to teach you where you can adjust your current life, what you need to add or take away, and get you into a “healthy routine” so you can get a taste for what it feels like. Once you’ve reached your goals and you feel ready and confident, we then release you from The Wellness Program to live the rest of your healthy life. 
The RefinedLooks Membership is a one time yearly fee, while the add on of The Wellness Program is a monthly charge. You can do one without the other, or both together. 
If you just want to do The Wellness Program, great! We will work hard with you to reach your health goals. However, you will not have access to the Med Spa discounts or free Diamond Glow Facials.
If you prefer the Membership without The Wellness Program, that’s great too! That means we will get to see you often in our Med Spa to age gracefully by supporting the health of your skin. The Membership does not include appointments with our nurse practitioner, lab work, or holistic health coaching. You will, however, have access to the exclusive discounts from our local health partners in nutrition and exercise listed below. 
Either way, we want you to know that you have many options for health maintenance here at RefinedLooks. It has already been said but it’s worth repeating: We care about you! You are an investment and we want to partner with you on your journey to your healthiest, happiest self.


2 Diamond Glow Facials: Retails at $150

10% OFF Injectables

15% OFF Treatments, Procedures, IV Infusions

15% OFF Products

Exclusive Discounts to all Wellness Program Partners 

EXCLUSIVE discounts at the following places AND SERVICES:



Kyle House Fitness prides itself on building a welcoming and inclusive community offering group fitness classes and personal training with the best certified instructors and trainers in the area. If you like working out at a fun, high-energy studio, Kyle House is the one for you!



SPENGA combines the three essential elements of fitness— cardio, strength, and flexibility. Session begins with 20 minutes of spin followed by strength and yoga. A certified instructor will be there to accompany you through every ride, rep, and revive!

City Gym Chattanooga


City Gym Chattanooga believes that in order to enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise. ONE step, day, meal, and workout at a time. If you are looking for a wealth of opportunities on where to begin your fitness journey, look no further!

Kelsey Vasileff | Yoga INSTRUCTOR


Kelsey Vasileff, local Chattanooga yoga instructor, offers private yoga classes for Wellness Program members at a fantastic discount, for all skill levels. Experience a retreat from your busy life with relaxing classes that are good for both the body and mind.

1-On-1 Personal Training


Adam Seiler has been a nationally accredited certified personal trainer since 1997. He takes a personal approach with each individual client in his private studio where they can have their safety and privacy protected without having to share equipment with others.

Balanced Studio


Balanced Studio is an intimate, energetic studio that services all levels of fitness. Experience a community feel with one-on-one options and smaller class sizes. You will find accountability, encouragement, fun, and self-improvement in your journey to better physical and mental wellness.



The #1 goal at Complete is to help people create a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle that is achievable from all ages, limitations, illnesses, and genders. The Complete team loves you just the way you are and wants to help you strive to be the best version of yourself.

The Sweat Club


The Sweat Club gym has a hybrid approach when it comes to health and fitness. Their certified staff provides members with a variety of exercises to help make fitness a lifestyle! Members can expect to receive as little or as much guidance needed to help achieve their goals.


Real Roots Cafe is a 100% plant-based kitchen born out of the passions of husband and wife team, Tiffany and Matthew Lake. Trained in plant-based kitchens for years and versed in nutrition, they have merged the worlds of healthy and delicious – creating recipes that keep health, flavor, and simplicity at the core. Real Roots offers everything from smoothies and juices, to paninis, desserts, and everything in between.


Nourishpoint is a local, women-owned meal prep company. Its mission is to deliver healthy, delicious, convenient food and elevate the nutrition of Chattanooga. Rachel Brimer, owner, has a degree in Health and Nutrition with a sports nutrition coaching certification. Nourishpoint meals are balanced, high-quality food with all ingredients listed, allergens noted, and calorie count right on the label. With 3 locations around town, Nourishpoint helps making a healthy choice an easy choice! You can grab-and-go from stocked coolers or pre-order with pickup and delivery.


Vibrant Meals’ mission is to make healthy eating easy, accessible, and delicious. Their meals are thoughtfully made from scratch using only the best ingredients and catering to a wide range of dietary needs such as gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based, low carb, and paleo. You can order from their weekly rotating menu and have meals delivered or pick up directly from one of their retail locations.


Southern Squeeze uses principles of food combining to optimize digestion, assimilation and elimination which helps individuals achieve their ideal weight, maintain healthy energy levels and optimize healing potential. They focus on guiding clients into a simple, straightforward approach to cellular health that’s sustainable. The most basic tenants of which are: improvement and consistency. Most of all, Southern Squeeze helps individuals quiet all the noise so they’re able to hear and listen to what truly works for them. Wellness is not one size fits all.

Kate Rustand, M.Ed CMHC


Kate Rustand, M.Ed CMHC, will be working alongside individuals towards a journey of healing. Through the holistic perspective of hardships, people can begin to discover strengths and new tools to carry forward. She looks forward to collaborating with this team to create new comprehensive care.

Jen Redman


Jen Redman, a freelance makeup artist and esthetics student, will be offering makeup guidance and teaching sessions. Services will include individual makeup lessons, foundation color matching, makeup bag clean-outs, technique and tools tips, as well as product suggestions. She can guide you on learning the basics, changing up your everyday makeup look, learning glamour, and everything in between.

Lynn Tengler


Owner of Maven Massage, Lynn Tengler, has a strong background in Oriental medicine and Shiatsu training. She offers exclusive massages for members, including 2 add-on options such as CBD, scalp massage, lava shells, and deep pressure techniques along with $10 off an hour or longer services (up to $45 in savings). Don’t hold on to stress or injury – life doesn’t have to hurt!

Hayden Sasse


Hayden Sasse, a Chattanooga native with a degree in Fashion Merchandising from Auburn University, will serve as a styling expert to our members. She will focus on dressing for your body type while still showcasing your own unique style. Hayden will offer individual styling sessions, closet clean-outs and organization, and personal shopping.

The Wellness Program is an “add-on” to the RefinedLooks Membership.

This is a 3 month commitment.

The patient may continue for as long as he/she wishes, but it is a buy-in of at least 3 months.

What is included?

• Everything listed above in the Refined Looks Membership.

• 2 visits with Nurse Practitioner/month. These visits will dive deep into past medical history, medication lists, health goals.

• 2 visits with Health Coach from Nutrition World

Is the patient on mediations he/she would like to try to get off? Does the patient have a chronic medical disease (hypertensive, GERD, obesity, fatigue, insomnia, depression, etc) that he/she would like assistance approaching from a holistic medical model? Does the patient want a “life coach” to provide oversight, accountability, and encouragement throughout the program?

• Patient can order lab work that will be reviewed by the nurse practitioner.

• We will take each blood test result and review it in depth. This gives the patient an opportunity to ask all questions concerning results, while also receiving tips/advice/ instructions on how to improve any concerning results.

Important Information for Clients to Know:

This is 100% cash pay. We are not billing insurance for any of the membership. The patient will be automatically drafted for the monthly payments through our Shopify account.