Discussing IV Infusion Treatments with Brittney Murphy, FNP-C

Everybody wants their skin to glow, but sometimes we have to go deeper than the products we put on our face. Clean, high-quality products are important for the health of our skin, but sometimes we’re deficient in certain vitamins. 

We want to feel and look hydrated, but sometimes it’s hard to drink the recommended amount of water each day. 

Here at RefinedLooks we offer an IV Vitamin Infusion to rejuvenate your skin. This medical technique delivers vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into your bloodstream.

So, what are the benefits of IV Vitamin Infusion? “It’s a direct infusion into your bloodstream, so you’re bypassing your GI system altogether,” says Dr. Murphy. 

Why does a direct infusion matter? It means that the effects of the infusion are immediate and you don’t have to worry about any absorption issues that you may have. On top of that, you’re getting the extra hydration in the IV bag which helps solidify all the extra things you’re doing for your skin. 

The treatment is packed with vitamins and minerals for you to feel more hydrated, have better skin, fight exhaustion, and boost the immune system. Our four unique treatments target evey area!  

This technique allows for maximum absorption and minimal waste. 

***optional addition is featuring the B12/Lipo shot —- 

Another great option for vitamin infusion is our B12/Lipo shots! They create a boost of energy for you and are a great way to ensure you’re getting your vitamins in. 

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