C-Section Delivery Closures with Dr. Nico Domingo

Having a baby is a beautiful time in anyone’s life. One of the most nerve racking things about having a newborn is an unplanned Cesarean section leaving you with scarring you hadn’t planned on. 

Here at RefinedLooks Plastic Surgery, Dr. Domingo exclusively offers a procedure that closes your C-Section. Not only are we specialists in plastic surgery, but we’re also experts when it comes to minimizing your scars. 

How it works: Your OBGYN will make the usual incision and perform the delivery of your child. Your OBGYN will perform any aftercare that is necessary and close your abdominal muscle fascia. Once that is closed, Dr. Domingo will take over and perform a plastics closure of your skin and subcutaneous fascia in layers. This will greatly reduce your scar burden!

If you’re an expectant mother, or you know you’re going to have a scheduled C-Section and want to reduce your scar burden, schedule a consultation with Dr. Domingo today. 

In this consultation you’ll chat with Dr. Domingo to ensure that you are a good candidate and how the plastics closure works. He can also give you pointers on how to reduce your scar burden after delivery to ensure your pregnancy and birth are a wonderful experience! 

C-section closures are only being scheduled for Erlanger Hospital patients at this time.

Do you have other scars that you are wanting to get rid of? We offer a variety treatments at our medspa to minimize scarring. Check out RefinedLooks Spa here!

We can’t wait to see you! 

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