Cosmetic Consultant

“Skincare is Healthcare, with whatever form it comes in. From a skin care regimen, to botox and fillers, to cosmetic surgery. I love walking with patients on their journey and advising them. Visually seeing it boost  their self esteem, and self confidence. Making them feel better about themselves is the overall goal. I’m just happy I get to be part of that. Beauty is skin deep!”

Wendy graduated nursing school in 2008 and began her career in cosmetic surgery at Refined Looks Plastic Surgery. After working in Surgical Oncology and Internal Medicine for nine years, Wendy rejoined the Refined Looks team. Cosmetic surgery has always been her passion.

Wendy enjoys assisting patients with all types of aesthetic changes, from skincare to desired procedures. She loves all that her job entails and finds helping to boost patients’ self-confidence immensely rewarding. Wendy thoroughly enjoys working alongside such a reputable group of surgeons at such an esteemed practice.