“To sum it up, being in this industry allows me to be a small part in a journey of restoring self-love and confidence. Being the cheerleader for someone falling in love with their authentic self more each visit is such a beautiful reward.”
Shaliyah Geathers, is one of our trusted Licensed Aestheticians and skincare experts, with experience in facial rejuvenation and corrective treatments. She specializes in advanced aesthetic, anti-aging, corrective, laser treatments and chemical peels. Shaliyah is devoted to educating herself with the newest and most effective technologies and protocols available to ensure the best possible results for her patients.
She customizes her treatments to address clients’ skin concerns and educates them on how to effectively care for their skin at home. Her purpose is to provide immediate and long-term corrective solutions for all skin types and concerns while also healing confidence and overall well-being through the art and science of aesthetics.